I was drunk, i asked if she liked me for who i was. Earlier that day she had said something joking about how much of a nerd i was. But it plagued my mind until i didn’t want to talk. She asked what was wrong, i didn’t say anything. This upset her so I gave in and asked her that question.
A chain of events then led up to me leaving and walking the block, i came back and tried to apologize; she was a wall. She has it in her head that I’m questioning our relationship, whether or not i want to be with her. And i do want to be with her, but i don’t feel good enough for her.
Im overly dramatic and impatient, if something is wrong i like to talk about it. Funny enough when it comes to this she is completely opposite.

I hate fighting…

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I’m in control this time.

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love blog x

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All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex.

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Can I have this please?

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mild sexual love blog

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